Why would we use this? ….

.. a question that comes up frequently when I demonstrate technology new to people. When I ask this question, it is generally a prelude to an extensive bout of using a product, trying to find out what it can do and how I can use it to make my life easier. When my audience ask it, more often than not it means that they don’t see the point of it – and aren’t going to spend time trying to work it out. The difference in perspective is a key one, and should be considered when IT professionals communicate with the people who use their products. You can’t expect a business user to immediately see the many different ways they might use a new technology. You should always have some good, relevant examples in your back pocket of how others have used it, or how they themselves might use it. I think you also need to give them permission to play with it – or not! Much as I hate to admit it, sometimes my business colleagues don’t actually need the lastest whizzy gadget right now – but I can at least make them aware of it so that when they do need it, they know where to go.

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