Castro’s camp in the mountains

I’ve visited lots of castles and military posts in my time, but nothing quite like Castro’s guerilla camp. We had to drive for many hours to get there and stayed overnight in a basic but charming hotel where the rooms were self contained huts in the middle of the mountains. We were treated to torrential rain and a spectacular lightening storm as we ate in a covered verandah. It was amazing.

The following day we walked to the camp and it made it very clear how they were able to hide – it is quite remote and would have been well hidden before trees were cut down to make it more accessible. There was a ladder leading up to a false entry for Castro’s headquarters which could be collapsed if an enemy tried to enter. The real entry was a false wall which opened, garage door like, to let you in. There was a secret escape tunnel in the floor in case of attack. Accommodation was quite basic, but still livable and what struck me was the fact the there was segregation between officers and men – living and eating. Castro’s bed was obviously built on the spot, but I did wonder how they managed to get the fridge up there without it being noticed!

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