There are a few photos I took which remind me of something I learnt or appreciated about Cuba. They may not be great pictures, but they tell me a personal story. This shop window is a case in point. I had been told that there are no advertising hoardings in Cuba – which is true – with the exception of ‘inspirational’ slogans on billboards all over the country. Perhaps as a result, shop windows were pretty basic – with an eclectic mix of products, none of which were displayed in a particularly enticing fashion. This was a noticeable exception – with unexpected products. Who knew household cleaning aids could be used to dress a shop window with such brio?

And here is another example of an unusual use of an everyday product. Look closely and you will see that it is a combination of a blanket and a towel, twisted to look like a man holding a baby. Most of the hotels we stayed in had chambermaids who practiced ‘towel art’ with swans, fans and weird towers – but this was by far the most creepy. We were almost afraid to undo it.

And finally, because I was told it was almost a trademark of Cuba we have the 1960’s ‘old timers’. For us, they are classics – for the Cubans, who only recently have been allowed to sell them, they are an essential part of their transport system.