Friends and family know not to expect me to answer my mobile phone and that it might take me a day or two to respond to texts because I just don’t bother to check them. I really have it for emergencies and to take photos. It beats lugging around my heavy camera (although you still can’t beat a proper zoom lens!). I really just point and shoot, but I’ve recently done a quick LinkedIn course to find out more about using my phone as a camera and discovered it is more versatile than I thought. Two quick tips I picked up (which probably everyone knows!):
– on the i-phone, you can use the volume button to take the picture, which makes it sooooo much easier
– you can adjust the exposure by clicking on the area on your screen and sliding your finger up and down
I think this is just the tip of the iceberg – I also discovered why my night time photos are so much better when taken with the phone (the phone takes multiple exposures and stitches together the best bits – don’t use flash unless it is as fill flash!). Novice photographer in the house – it’s going to be so much fun experimenting.